January 2020

The Unknown



Hello Divas & Those who love us!

Long post ALERT!

I have not connected with you in awhile.  My heart has been searching for things to say.

Well, I come this time because...it's personal.

I was raised as a Los Angeles Lakers Fan.  I remember watching the Lakers play when Kareem Abdul Jabar (Louis Al Cinder, Jr) played.  He was the man!

Then Magic came with Michael Cooper and the like...Showtime at the Staple Center! Could it get any better?

Then it did!  Shaquille O'Neal & Kobe Bryant!  I would make plans to be home in time for the game. I made snacks to watch the games.  I yelled and screamed at the TV as if I were at the games!  There would be no one but me in the room or in the house for that matter.
Girlfriends would call during the game and I would be too engrossed in the game to follow the phone conversation.  They learned not to call when a game was on.

One boyfriend even bought me a Kobe T-shirt & a Shaq overcoat!  OVERJOYED!  I still have them and they are in mint condition!

I was hurt when the duo were feuding.  I was totally floored when Shaq left the team; but he left me with Kobe!  Man that young man could ball!  I delighted in his shear will to take over the game and make it HIS!  He was going for the ultimate of kicking the opponents butt and not even bothering to find out their names!  He was on a different level.  He was not liked at first, but the other players came to respect him in his manner of total commitment to the game.  He became what young men and young women who where going for that something more in their game, a mentor, a hero & a phenomenal player to drive you to be better!

What is so funny about my love of the game and my love of his total focus is, I cannot play basketball!  I cannot dribble, shot or anything that you might call an ability in the game.  But!  I can speak basketball with the best of them!  I can tell you when your defense is shotty.  When the lane is about to open up and you have room to drive to the hole...Yup!!  I AM ONE OF THOSE!  

When I heard that he had parrished in an helicopter accident I was not believing.  I Googled it.  I could not find any information.  I was not home yet so I waited.  I ran in the door and turned on the TV to the news channel...Nothing!  I then turned to the NBA station and my heart sank...it was true, it was real and I was overwhelmed.

I watched the reports for over an hour and finally I had to let go and cry...I cried for HIm and his daughter Gianna.  I cried for the other 7 beautiful souls that were taken.  I cried because I was selfishly remembering that I had stopped watching and supporting the Lakers, my team, when Kobe Bryant retired from the team and basketball.  I had not realized that he meant that much to me in the skeem of things, he was a baketball player!  I did not know him personally, but he brought a certain joy and tenacity to the game that I fell for.

I am saying ALL of this to say, I have not been giving my designs the focus that I need or want.

So with the passing of Kobe Bryant, I Eyvonne T. Robinson, Owner and Designer of Funky Diva Accessories WILL NOT QUIT nor falter in my persuit to bring you beautiful jewelry designs. 
God has blessed me with a talent that I have taken for granted and it is time to get back on the court!

Kobe, we may not have met but you have left me with some valuable insight.  Work at being the BEST! The MAMBA MENTALITY!


I pray for ALL of the family members that were left to deal with this incredibly difficult loss.  May God bless you with open arms and loving kindess in your time of utter pain.

So KISS & HUG your loved ones!  Tell them you care!  And if ther is ANYONE you need to re-connect with, now is the time!  
The Unknown can happen at any moment!

Until the next time my Diva darlin's, be well and love much!


Eyvonne T. Robinson

P.S. My business colors are Laker colors!  (Yep, they are)